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CHILDCARE & PARENTAL LEAVE: Tell the Pollies what really counts 25-Apr-2013

sphinxx is supporting (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TWQRZG7)a new survey to understand your CURRE..

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sphinxx is a social enterprise committed to achieving gender balance in leadership. Our vision is to see women equally represented in leadership roles – in business and in our communities. 

sphinxx provides leadership development for women; and consulting advice and education to help employers find and keep the best women on their teams.

"Let me say how IMPRESSED I am with www.sphinxx.com.au. In particular the section on networking events is something that I think many people will find extremely useful. I have already forwarded it on to several women who I know would find it interesting."
-- Valerie Khoo, www.sydneywriterscentre.com.au